Now Available: TRUDEF™ 2K and 4K .FVF Fractal Video Demos via FTP
H.264 Demo Sources (copy and paste link into "Stream File" input box)
http://www.trudef.us/demos/Tears_of_Steel_960x428.mp4     1.5 mbps
http://www.trudef.us/demos/Tears_of_Steel_1280x570.mp4     2.0 mbps
http://www.trudef.us/demos/Tears_of_Steel_1920x858.mp4     3.7 mbps
http://www.trudef.us/demos/Tears_of_Steel_2560x1142.mp4     6.1 mbps
http://www.trudef.us/demos/Tears_of_Steel_3840x1714.mp4     16.6 mbps
.mp4 Downloads for Local Playback
Tears_of_Steel_960x428.mp4 111 MB
Tears_of_Steel_1280x570.mp4 174 MB
Tears_of_Steel_1920x858.mp4 326 MB
Tears_of_Steel_2560x1142.mp4 542 MB
Tears_of_Steel_3840x1714.mp4 1,467 MB
Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Video Player for Windows 10
Download free Version
(Note: this Beta version does not yet include the TRUDEF™ VDK3 Fractal Decoder or TRUSCALE™ upscaling, porting these features to UWP is currently underway. Premium versions, with extra features, will be bundled with TMMI Mini PC™ and TMMI Mini PC X™ Home Entertainment Solutions.)

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