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TRUDEF™ 4K Fractal Video Player   For Windows 10-64


TRUDEF™ Fractal Video is an effective method of playing high quality high resolution 2x2 block encoded Intra Frame video at extreme bitrates beyond the capability of standard codecs on the same hardware.

Fractal video compression is asymmetrical in nature, encoding is resource intensive, however, playback is lightweight and fast. Fractal image compression is founded on the fact that in a sequence of images blocks containing self similar patterns are repeated. A fractal algorithm mathematically encodes these blocks into data called "fractal codes". When images are viewed; fractal code containing matching blocks of the original are remapped back into the image reusing self similar blocks where matches exist.

TRUDEF™ Fractal Video Player Features:

  • Smooth 4K playback
  • Theatrical viewing
  • TRUDEF™ Zoom:
    • Viewing 4K from 2K if system i/o doesn't support 4K file size
    • Doubling native viewing resolution
  • Multi threaded for real time decompression
  • Increase data rate for theatrical quality
  • Multiple player sessions
  • Detailed performance statistics
  • Subtitles
  • Subtitles from text to speech narration
  • Multiple audio codec support
  • Frame stepping
  • .FIF or .TIF single frame capture
  • Recall frame by frame number
  • Single frame capture in TRUDEF™ Zoom mode

TRUDEF™ Playlist Editor   For Windows 10-64

TRUDEF™ Playlist Editor Features:

  • Manages multiple playlist
  • Drag and drop list building
  • Draggable sort order
  • Timeline cropping

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